L+L Process

Step 1: Details

After you inquire to work with L+L, we complete minimal admin work including:

  • Initial emails
  • Contract
  • Phone or Skype call, optional
  • Deposit
  • L+L signature questionnaire to learn about your business and goals

Step 2: Insights

After completing our signature questionnaire and the optional phone call or meeting, I go to the drawing board. I harness inspiration from traveling, surfing Pinterest, walking outside, brainstorming, and more. After the initial search, I’ll create a moodboard based on your goals, aesthetic, and brand vision.

Step 3: Create

After our conversations and insights are complete, I’ll take our thoughts to the drawing board. Whether it’s a logo, website, or both, I’ll expand on the research and create various creative concepts, all while maintaining the project goals.

Step 4: Refine

While I’d love to believe that my first shot is on point, you know your customers better than I. We’ll work together to refine and polish the design and create a masterful look for you.

Step 5: Launch

Woohoo! The final product is in your hands. You’ll receive either files of your new fancy-shmancy logo or a fully launched website. It’s time to share this success with your customers and social media following. L+L helps you do that with our custom Launch Kit.