Neuland Yoga
Katja Holzhei

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Unique yoga offering.

Katja was looking for a brand identity for professional full-time yoga teacher specialized in high quality private sessions. After discussing directions, Katja wanted something abstract yet simple and personalized.

Using the idea of Adho mukha śvānāsana (downward facing dog), I created a very simple, very abstract logo mark. And the rest flowed into place.

  • Working with Amanda from L+L was pure pleasure. She did her research on my company, she read all my documents I had provided, and it was obvious that she also was very interested in designing the perfect brand identity for me. I could see and feel right away that Amanda was the right person to work with. She not only perfectly implemented my ideas, she also came up with her own ones that totally transported what I was looking for. Amanda is a design pro with an open mind, a big heart, and a great sense for aesthetics. Her patience, generosity, and kindness helped me tremendously through the whole process and I received way more than I asked for. I LOVE my new brand identity and I am very happy to got to know Amanda and "lemon and lapis". She is a great addition to my business contacts. Thank you very much Amanda and namaste 🙂
    Neuland Yoga