What the heck is Lapis?

Lapis Lazuli (LA-piss le-ZOO-lee) or lapis, for short, is a beautiful rock that is bright blue with specs of gold. I chose to use it as my business for two reasons. #1- I love the color combo of blue and yellow. And #2- When i started my business, I had been playing a lot of Minecraft and loved that particular part.

How long will it take?

That depends on a few things (which I’m sure you didn’t want to hear when opening this question). Generally for a brand transformation it takes 2-5 months, a website can take 1-3 months (or more depending on how detailed the site is), and a branding project can take 3-8 weeks. This is all an estimate based on past projects, if you’d like a more specific estimate, contact me and i’ll make sure to give you a realistic timeline.

Will you make changes to my current website?

If I created the website then I’m happy to make changes to your site. Everything needs a refresher. Email me for options on maintenance packages!

If I didn’t create your site, then unfortunately I cannot make changes. I try to stay away from other people’s work. Bummer, I know.

Do you take paypal?

Yes. But checks and cash are preffered. Paypal takes a large fee out of the final payment. Because I do not wish you to charge you MORE I prefer personal checks, bank transfers and money orders. However, I’m a realist. If paypal is easier, I’m totally fine with that.

How many concepts and revisions will I get?

You’ll usually receive 3 options from L+L with some exceptions offering more. I offer 2 rounds of revisions with each of the standard packages with the option of purchasing more revisions for a small fee, if necessary. Most of the time, I am able to meet the project goals with your help within 2 rounds of changes.

What if I don't like my designs?

It’s a rare occasion that my clients don’t like the designs that I have submitted (at least after some revisions). But it can happen. We will spend a lot of time before I actually design anything talking and discussing your business, it’s goals, and making sure we are on the same page with a fully custom questionnaire and visual board. This makes it very rare that you’d not like what you see in the concepts. However, if you’re not satisfied, we can go back to the drawing board.

What are you like?

I’m pretty cool.

Do you work only on WordPress?

Currently, I work exclusively with WordPress. I’d love to try Squarespace so if you would like to use that platform, I’ll give you a discount for being my first Squarespace customer, sweet huh?

How do we communicate during the project?

If you are local, we’ll schedule a coffee meeting to get started and after that it’s a lot of emails and phone calls (optional). If you are out of state, we can still meet face-to-face (I love travel) but usually it’s more cost effective to use Skype or another video conferencing tool and then again lost of emails.

How will I receive the final designed files?

For logos:

  • Web and Print sized .jpgs
  • Web and Print sized .pngs
  • .eps file
  • .pdf file

For websites:

  • Backup copy of website delivered at request
  • Transfer done by L+L to your domain + host

Why is there a wait to start my project?

I am a small boutique graphic design studio. And because of that I only book max 2-3 projects at one time to ensure that every client is getting a personal 1-on-1 design experience with me. Trust me, if there is a wait, it’s worth it to get your brand done right the first time.

I need my project done yesterday, how fast can you get it done?

If anyone understands rush jobs, it’s me. These things happen. You need a website FAST and need an expert to get it done. If my current job schedule is light than for added rush fee of $500, we can get that website or brand pushed through as fast as possible. With quick responses from a client, I’ve gotten a full brand designed and sent within one week.