With a mixture of strategy and creativity, L+L brings together the essentials to building your perfect brand.

L+L is a Minnesota creative design studio focusing on creating memorable brand identities, fresh web design, and striking photography. L+L was a dream until I stepped foot on a street in London. I found two perfectly matched doors that sparked a moment in time, where I knew I had to start my business. Lemon & Lapis, now L+L, came from those two beautiful doors. The perfect blend of colors and, to me, the perfect blend of graphic design services: web and brand. One cannot exist without the other to move the needle within your business.

Through strategic creative briefs to concept logo development, it’s my goal to build successful, creative designs that strategically match to your business goals.

Let’s work together and create great design that can bring your business to the forefront of your competition.

Hi! I’m Amanda, owner of the one-woman shop L+L. I am a graphic designer based in St. Paul but my heart is global. I love to travel and see the world. I find true inspiration in my travels to new and unique spots where I wander the streets, dive into local adventures, and see what they have to offer. I am a constant learner which has lead me down this path to run my own studio. A tee-shirt and jeans girl myself, I find relaxing on any given Sunday with a cup of coffee and my favorite blogs is truly heaven. My husband has turned me into a true sci-fi nerd but my heart still lies with Harry Potter. We just had our first baby girl, Grace, and are more than thrilled with her ability to sleep. Now getting to sleep, that’s a different story.


Design to the customer.

When I design, I create and strategize my designs and layouts based on a persona of your perfect customer. What do they want to see? What will entice them to walk into your store, take a look and make a purchase? Let’s sell what you have to offer!

Be adventurous.

It’s time to step inside the police box! Together, we will create a beautiful and creative brand experience for your customer. We’ll go on an adventure which requires lots of emails and smiles.

Dignity, always dignity.

And honesty. You’ll find I don’t beat around the bushes. I will tell you exactly what I think and you won’t have to worry about if it’s true. It’s all about getting to the point because we all have lives to lead and fun to have!